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Hearing Solutions of Alabama is a full-service audiology practice. We strive to offer the most effective, most professional hearing healthcare in the Montgomery area - all at affordable prices. We strive to ensure that you'll be comfortable every step of the way. We recognize that hearing is a very personal part of your life, which is why we work with you closely to determine a treatment plan.

We also specialize in pediatric audiology for children of all ages, from age 6 months to teenagers. We understand that having a child with hearing loss can feel overwhelming, and we wish to provide every family the support, as well as the appropriate technology, for their child to succeed.

While we primarily fit patients with hearing aids, we also offer a wide range of other services related to hearing protection and hearing loss treatment. Because we are staffed by a licensed, certified audiologist, we are able to treat more complicated hearing challenges. We offer services you usually won't find outside of a hospital or medical environment, because it's important to us that the Montgomery area has these options easily accessible.

Hearing Technology Services

Our services include:

  • Hearing aid evaluations and consultations : If you suspect you have hearing loss and are considering what hearing aids may be able to do for you, come see us for a no-pressure evaluation. We'll walk you through the specifics of your hearing loss and share our recommendations for a treatment plan.
  • Hearing aid fitting and programming: Hearing Solutions of Alabama is an independent audiology practice, meaning we can carry hearing aids from a range of manufacturers. This enables us to fit patients with the hearing aid that best suits their life and hearing loss, rather than being limited to one particular manufacturer.
  • Hearing aid repairs: Even if you have not purchased your hearing aids from Hearing Solutions of Alabama, we are happy to work with you to help you make the most of your hearing aids.
  • Cochlear implant and bone-anchored hearing aid services: These surgically implanted devices can be a powerful solution for patients who may not be a good fit for traditional hearing aids. Unlike hearing aids, which amplify sound, cochlear implants work directly with your auditory nerve to help you hear. Bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) transmit sound to the inner ear through bone conduction, skipping the role of your outer and middle ear. While we do not surgically implant these devices ourselves, we are involved in every other step of the process, from the initial evaluation to programming and ongoing maintenance.
  • Custom molds for hearing protection, swim plugs, and in-ear monitors for musicians: It's important to protect your hearing and prevent hearing loss as much as possible. We can make custom earplugs to protect you in loud environments such as construction sites, hunting, lawn care, motorcycle riding, live music, and other loud activities. We can also make custom in-ear monitors for musicians as well as earmolds for custom headphones.

Other Services

  • Complete audiological evaluations: Audiologists are qualified to conduct a thorough series of evaluations of your hearing health. Our comprehensive testing will identify any medical issues related to your hearing.
  • Tinnitus management: While tinnitus (also known as "ringing in the ears") can't be cured, it can be improved. If you have hearing loss as well as tinnitus, chances are that we can fit you with hearing aids that will treat both, improving your quality of life.
  • Pediatric services: Only a licensed, certified audiologist can treat children, and we have years of experience working with babies, children, and teenagers. It may seem overwhelming if your child is experiencing signs of hearing loss, but at Hearing Solutions of Alabama, we are partners in navigating your child's care.

Your First Appointment

  1. When you first come to your appointment, you'll be welcomed into our warm and inviting lobby by our patient care coordinator, who will offer you coffee and snacks and make sure you feel comfortable and prepared.
  2. We'll ask you to fill out a little paperwork about your hearing history, such as if you've experienced a sudden change in your hearing, vertigo, tinnitus, or dizziness
  3. Our audiologist will come meet you and bring you to the booth where we administer hearing tests. We'll talk to you about what you've written in your paperwork and ask you any follow-up questions about your experiences
  4. We'll conduct a full, thorough hearing test that will allow us to understand your hearing loss and your hearing health in great detail.
  5. You'll be able to view your audiogram, a visual representation of your hearing. We'll go over your hearing loss in each ear and give you the opportunity to ask any questions about your results.
  6. We'll talk about your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your budget, and we will recommend hearing aids that might be a good solution for you. If you want to see what they're like, we carry many demo units that you can try out firsthand in our office.

We want our patients to know all their options, and we don't push them to buy. What matters is that you find the right solution for you, not the one that will make us the most money.

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